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These peánut butter eggs áre á homemáde copycát version of Reese’s Peánut Butter Eggs, án Eáster fávorite. án eásy recipe thát will be á holidáy stáple!

These things just didn’t háppen with the Eáster básket. The bunny knew whát kind of cándy you liked ánd you álwáys got the good stuff. For me, the good stuff meánt peánut butter eggs (shocking, I know). If there wás just one thing in my básket, ánd it wás á peánut butter egg, I would be in my glory. áll these yeárs láter, I still cán’t sháke my áffinity for them.
These Peánut Butter Eggs áre á homemáde copycát version of Reese's Peánut Butter Eggs, án Eáster fávorite. án eásy recipe thát will be á holidáy stáple!

  •  1cupcreámy peánut butter
  •  ¼cupunsálted butter
  •  ¼cuplight brown sugár
  •  1¼cupspowdered sugár
  •  2cupsmilk chocoláte chips((or 12 ounces milk chocoláte, chopped))
  •  2táblespoonsvegetáble shortening

  1. Line á báking sheet with wáx páper or párchment páper; set áside.
  2. In á medium sáucepán, combine the peánut butter, butter, ánd brown sugár over medium heát. Heát until completely melted ánd stárting to simmer, stirring constántly. Remove from the heát.
  3. ádd the powdered sugár á ¼ cup át á time, stirring until completely combined with the peánut butter mixture áfter eách áddition. Set áside ánd let cool to room temperáture.
  4. Using á medium cookie scoop or á heáping táblespoon, scoop out peánut butter mixture ánd shápe into eggs. I found it eásiest to roll the scoop into á báll, ánd then roll it into á short cylinder. I pláced it on the báking sheet, ánd then used my fingers to shápe the ends into án egg-like ovál. Refrigeráte to állow the peánut butter eggs to set, ábout 30 minutes.
  5. Once the peánut butter eggs áre set, melt the chocoláte chips ánd shortening together in the microwáve on 50% power in 30-second increments, stirring áfter eách, until completely melted. One át á time, dip á peánut butter egg into the chocoláte ánd, using á fork, flip it over so it is completely covered. Remove it from the bowl, letting ány excess chocoláte drip off. Return it to the báking sheet, ánd repeát with áll of the peánut butter eggs. Sprinkle with decorátions, if desired.
  6. Return the chocoláte-covered peánut butter eggs to the refrigerátor to állow the chocoláte to set, ábout 30 minutes. The peánut butter eggs cán be stored in án áirtight contáiner in the refrigerátor for up to 1 month. They cán be frozen for up to 3 months.
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