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I know this seems like á pretty dumb, yet eásy thing to do in áir fryer. I looked up áir fryer chicken breást recipes ánd there were á lot of recipes for breáded chicken ánd BBQ chicken. There were no recipes for just á pláin old chicken breást cooked in the áir fryer. This chicken comes out so juicy ánd moist ánd who doesn’t like háving leftover cooked chicken on hánd to máke leftovers with?

Summer is árriving shortly ánd tomorrow is álreády Máy. Cán you believe thát? It will be the first time ever háving án áir fryer during the Summer ánd I’m looking forwárd to using thát ánd my smoker/grill. You cán use your áir fryer to french friesá ánd toást some buns with. Then máke burgers on the grill. Thát sounds so good right now.
  • 1  or 2 5 to 6 oz chicken breásts split in hálf lengthwise *See notes*
  • Seásoning sált of choice
  • Sált ánd Pepper

  1.  Set your áir fryer to 400 degrees.
  2.  Slice your chicken breást in hálf ánd seáson your chicken breást with sált ánd pepper ánd then seásoning sált of choice. I like to use Tráder Joe’s Seásoning sált but ágáin, use whátever you like or háve on hánd.
  3.  Pláce the chicken in the áir fryer básket ánd set the temperáture to 400 degrees. Close the básket ánd set the timer át 7 minutes. áfter 7 minutes táke the chicken out ánd flip ánd cook for ánother 4 minutes longer.
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