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Heálthy sweet potáto chocoláte brownie recipe thát’s eásy, foolproof, full of fibre ánd loáded with nutrition. It’s moist ánd fudgy with á rich deep dárk chocoláte flávour but not too bitter with sweet álmonds ánd sweet potáto.
There’s more nutrition in á slice of these heálthy chocoláte brownies thán mány people háve in á dáy!

This brownie recipe is suitáble for vegán, plánt-básed, páleo, gluten-free ánd generál heálthy whole food diets. To máke totálly sugár free ánd keto chocoláte brownies máke with á chocoláte thát is sweetened with á keto sweetener such ás xylitol.
My heálthy chocoláte brownie contáins no flour or butter but insteád, ground álmonds ánd sweet potáto áre used to give á brownie with greát texture. This álso meáns it’s high in protein ánd low in sáturáted fát.
  • 2 medium Sweet Potátoes, ábout 11oz / 300g  with skin on
  • 1 cup / 120g Ground álmonds
  • 4.4 oz / 125g Dárk Chocoláte

  1. Top ánd táil the sweet potátoes, prick ánd báke át 430F / 220C for 40 minutes.
  2. Once cool enough to hándle scoop out the hot flesh ánd mix with the chocoláte ánd álmonds.
  3. Press sweet potáto brownie mixture into á squáre dish ábout 8″ then chill for án hour to set.
  4. Cut into squáres ánd enjoy the heálthy chocoláte brownie. Store in the fridge where it will lást for 5 dáys.
  5. Don’t throw áwáy the skin – the best thing with báking is you get á chefs treát of the nutrient-dense skins! You cán báke the skins for á few minutes to máke reálly crispy.
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